What’s the best time of year to build a Hardscape?


You may not always think about your landscaping or yard improvements in the chilly winter months.  Winter is, in fact, a great time for taking on one of those yard projects, including hardscaping updates that you’ve put on the back burner. 

What is hardscape design?

Hardscape refers to the permanent areas of your landscape —Hardscaping includes paver patios, winding walkways, retaining walls, outdoor fire pits and fireplaces. They require installation and construction. Many types of materials are used in hardscaping designs to fit every budget, compliment your home’s style and personalized scheme. The options are limitless. 

Not sure what you hardscape you are looking for?

Ask yourself: 

  • Have you always dreamed of a roaring campfire in your backyard? We can easily build an outdoor fire pit or stone fireplace to your specifications.

  • Need a little more outdoor living area? With the right hardscape design elements, we can design and build a brand new outdoor living area that can add hundreds of square feet of space including grill stations or fire areas.

  • Are your walkways or driveways crumbling or showing wear? Re-doing them with pavers will give you an attractively designed driveway or walkway entrance which stands up to Missouri’s ever changing climate.


Where to spend and where to save?  

Create a landscape master plan and gradually work on the completion of the plan, little by little.  Think of your master plan as a foundation for your yard and build on it. Choose quality materials that endure the elements and that can create privacy and ambiance.

It’s all in the details!

Little details can have a vast impact in a landscape. Hardscape material like stone, pavers, gravel, concrete, gravel, and wood all work together.  

Whether it’s a paver patio, winding walkway, defining wall, outdoor fire pit or fireplace, building the hardscape of your choice can be easy and economical in the winter months

We are offering a discount on all hardscaping components and construction between now until February.  Come in and begin your hardscape design plans. Not ready for a big project? We can work with you on a creative plan and complete the project in stages. Call Julie, our designer at 573-442-1199 for your design needs!

Keegan Burkett