Our boutique nursery is located in Columbia, Missouri at 1012 W. Old Plank Road – just minutes south of downtown Columbia! We carry a large selection of high quality trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials. We also carry double ground oak mulch and stone products.



Trees are a foundational base for your home and garden landscape, whether they're providing shade, creating privacy, delivering showy spring blooms or fall colors, or showing off their sheer beauty. Knowing why you want to plant a tree is important to matching the right tree to the right spot for the right reason. If you desire privacy, a variety of evergreens might be your best option. If you want to generate curb appeal in the front of your home, small flowering trees, such as Red Buds, Flowering Crabs or Magnolias will do the trick. If you want to shade your back yard to keep your home cool and/or create an outdoor living area, Maples, Aspens or River Birches do that, plus offer fall color. In matching the right tree to the right spot for the right reason, know that it's an investment that you and future generations will enjoy. 


We carry a wide range of all types and sizes of shrubs, including Evergreens, Deciduous and Flowering varieties. Come and browse the Nursery to find the shrub perfect for your landscape needs.


Pavers - Bethany Ledge Sun.jpg


Native and non-native stone products are available in the Nursery. From 2" Osage Creek Rock to 4"-6" Rock used in our Dry Creek Bed Designs, we carry a variety of stone to see your needs. Landscape Boulders come in Arkansas Fieldstone Browns and Reds, and we also stock native Boone County Boulders that are white limestone.



We carry a few different mulch varietals, and our double-ground oak mulch is the best you will find. Our oak mulch will always outlast other options.